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Repetition has something sacral, like a mantra that got stuck in your head. But it also reflects something of a disturbance, it lingers in time-honored habits and thoughts.  One thing is certain: repetition exercises the skills of the practitioner and takes the executed and the executive to greater heights. In many cultures you see this phenomenon but also in history you see repetitions, in fashion, in art, in politics and in the day life. We tend to repeat. After all, something you know is more familiar than something you don't know (well). In fact, it doesn't even exist until you get to know it. The term out of the box thinking is there for a reason. It indicates a movement outside the usual and familiar, new sounds, unknown roads, a vacuum of which there is no route map, a terra nova. But therein lies also a challenge that we as human beings experience as very enticing. For example, we once ventured out into the wide world from Africa, the Polynesians ventured onto the immense ocean in small boats. Just with the question what's behind the horizon?  With the skill of sailing learned by repetition and the urge to continue. That combination is also part of making art. "Repeating and repeating, are we capable of nothing else?" I wrote in 1984. Certainly only by first embracing the repetition and with the learned experiences try to enlarge your work surface, leave your own safe haven. Sometimes you fall back into old habits, sometimes you bump through a wall of invisibility, often you hit the head against a wall of your own limitations. Time and time again you will be thrown back into the replay. Cherish it and start again, hang on, keep going. There's no other way.

7-2-2020: My artwork has been published on NEWS-REPORT South Korea:


Haarlems Dagblad 2017

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