RéNoo info

"It's all about connection" 

RéNoo  was born in 1958 in Grave(NB) in the Netherlands. Besides his life as an artist he works as an Art- and Dramatherapist in a  psychiatric institution in Haarlem. He lives in Hillegom(ZH) where his main atelier is located in 'De School'. His second atelier is in Haarlem.


He has a history of making things in different fields, like video, music and realistic painting. In 2014 RéNoo started concentrating on painting


abstract 'landscapes'. But on the side he likes to make figurative work as well.

His work is all about repetition, in colors, words and form, but also about vulnerability and serendipity. He encounters these themes every day in his work with psychiatric patiëns, so it’s logical to assume the source of his work can be found there. His work has been called Filosophical and monumental. 

My Mission:

"As an Art and Drama therapist, I try to find out how someone can be helped by a  therapeutic interaction. I do so through listening to the stories, observing the body language, and trying to tune in to a person's wavelength. As an artist I do exactly the same but from my own need, my own values and feelings. It seems like a paradox, but the individual approach is the key to universal understanding. The closer you can relate to yourself, the more recognizable it becomes for a large amount of people. For me, that is the goal as an artist, hitting that string that touches people. Why? Because this is my way of making art, establishing a connection. As a therapist, I give comfort and softening, recognition and sometimes confrontation in a very conscious way, towards recovery. As an artist, I control the same techniques, but  there is no goal but connection. A meeting with others. When I achieve that goal and I  succeeded my mission, it will not end. It simply obligates me to maintain this condition with all my heart".


RéNoo has been involved in a team of the GGZInGeest (psychiatry) to acquire art for the new Clinic 'De nieuwe Valerius' nearby the VUMC hospital in Amsterdam. (In collaboration with 'De cultuur Compagnie Noord Holland').  He was asked to assist the artist Gijs Frieling in painting his work in the entree in 'De westflank'


RéNoo has exhibited in South Korea, Iran, Portugal, Spain, Germany and In Macedonia 


He was chairman of 'Stichting Kunst in de Streek. He helped organising art routes in the 'Bollenstreek' (Hillegom & Lisse).


In April 2014 he founded the artist collective 'De School' in Hillegom, together with two other artists. It currently has 13 members. Together they arrange multiple expositions.On 12 july 2019 RéNoo became the chairman of Stichting Kunstenaarscollectief De School Hillegom.


His work is part of the collection of Galerie Twintig in Hillegom 





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